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 Crimzen's Bio

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PostSubject: Crimzen's Bio   Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:54 am

→ Name: Crimzen
→ Nicknames: Crιмѕon(real naмe), Crιmmy, CrimCrim, Crimzy, Zipper, Crime Time.
→ Meaning of Name: "To make or become deeply or vividly red."
→ Age: 2 Years Old
→ Gender: Male
→ Rank: Scout.
→ Species: Timber mixed with Arctic.

→ Eye Color: An intimidating bright red.
→ Pelt Texture: His pelt is rougher than most wolves, due to the cold climate he used to live in when he was younger, though it is enough to keep him warm in the chilly nights. Although, water can sneak it's way inside No Swearing!! his coat and making it felt slightly heavier, when wet.
→ Pelt Color: A blend of white, gray, and black. Appearing to be Silver.
→ Markings: 3 lighting strikes marks across his back, black paws.
→ Build: Slender and Slick, he has a bit of bulkiness, his running around the mountains terrain tended to his muscles. His pads are quiet heavy adapting to the snow, but, his limps and body weight keep him gliding through the grass.
→ Strengths: Speed, Strength, Stealth. He has very acute hearing, he's always alerts, when he wants to be. His bite is also powerful, he tactic is to hold his grip onto you and hold on tight, or he will use his weight and knock his opponent.
→ Weakness: He barges head-first into nearly every situation, he's a lover not a fighter, he will mostly likely try to work out the problem first, before fighting. He couldn't kill any other wolf, his stubborn No Swearing!!, he is also a bit clumsy and afraid of heights.
→ Dislikes: He's a lover not a fighter, he will mostly likely try to work out the problem first, before fighting. He couldn't kill any other wolf, his stubborn No Swearing!!, he is also a bit clumsy and afraid of heights.
→ Habits: He has a habit of walking off, and starting at minor things like birds, water and grass. He is a bit of a klutz.
→ Personality: Positive, Stubborn, always alert, No Swearing!!, he will protect his friends and family with his life if he haves to, he's adventures all will always rise to new challenges. Although he can be childish and seem to get into other wolves way, he loves a good laugh.
→ Companions: Angel, Lapa, Riiko, Talaye, Lokki.
→ Rivals: None.
→ Crush(es): None.
→ Mate: None.
→ Pups: He has no young of his own, of course, this will change one day.
→ Theme Song: After Dark By Asian Kung-fu Generation
→ Love Song: Your Guardian Angel By The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
→ Regret Song: Sidewalks By Story Of The Year
→ Revenge Song: Cold By Breaking Benjamin
→ Reference:
→ Images: Images made by -Faylon-!

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PostSubject: Re: Crimzen's Bio   Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:24 am

How cum u dont go on a lot anymore?
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Crimzen's Bio
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